Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
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Variable Data Printing & Personalisation

Variable Data Print

Trigon provide Variable Data Printing for Cartons, Shrink Sleeves & Labels.

Now, each pack type can be a completely unique design!

With Variable Data printing, customers get better customisation options in a relatively affordable and quick manner. Variable data printing is available on digital label presses and is used for printing serialized barcodes, consecutive number labels and more. Whether you have a labelling project with variable data or need personalized labels for a marketing campaign – Trigon digital printing has an efficient and effective solution.

Digital printing delivers more flexibility as compared to traditional label printing processes like flexographic. Whether your labels have the same design with one or more types of variable data, digital printing can handle a variety of label projects.

  • Serialized barcodes
  • Consecutive number labels
  • Multiple languages
  • Scratch off labels
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Promotional labels with personalized images/text
  • Variations in color, image, text, etc. from one label to the next.
  • QR codes
  • Labels for different brands
  • Country of origin labeling – typically used for meat and produce.
  • Date labeling (use by, sell by, best before, etc.)

Personalization enables companies to interact with their customers in a more meaningful way. Yet, companies have only begun to scratch the surface of personalisation possibilities. With capabilities of the HP Digital Presses and unique personalization software, you can customise images, text and colors to create virtually unlimited variations of designs. Without the need for individual colour printing plates, Trigon offers a low cost solution for personalised brand experiences that elevate the connect with consumers to new levels.

Enhance your Brand Engagement programs by personalizing packaging, labeling etc. with consumers personal images

Personalize your packaging for the end customer.

Helps in building brand recognition and retention.

Delivering 100% validation with high quality & efficiency

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