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Trigon Brand Guard

Eternal vigilance is the price of security

This statement applies to property and borders as well as brands. Given that the world markets are increasingly populated by brands representing Intellectual Property, how you replicate them across different media impacts both recall and mind share.

Our solutions span the domains of brand compliance, packaging, print, and smart solutions that cater to your marketing, brand promotion, as well as anti-counterfeiting needs.

We partner forward thinking customers by sharing our superior product and market knowledge, expertise, and insights to protect and project brands in a manner that contributes to success in varied markets.

Trigon delivers brand protection and security through serialization, creating new possibilities for packaging, labelling, publishing, and photo products.

Give every product a unique identity through overt or covert marks including secure QR codes, Guilloch and imperceptible watermarks enabling you to protect, track, and manage each item through its entire life cycle.

Let's Work Together

At Trigon Digital, we work with a passion for innovation and brilliant ideas. Our execution
fuses these elements into a delightful customer experience.