Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
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Innovative Solutions

A variety of innovative and value-added services

As a part of our continuing endeavour to offer more value enhancing services we have been continually adding to our repertoire  which now includes:

  • Variable Data printing such as QR codes, Bar Codes, 2D/3D, serialization- for cartons, shrink sleeves and labels
  • Personalisastion of brand experiences with consumers personal images
  • Mosaic Printing that enables creation and  printing of an exponential variety of unique designs while maintaining the uniqueness  of the original theme
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • 3D visualization of the product from various angles and placements   from point of sale displays and planograms to advertising campaigns and corporate approval process.
  • 2D pack shot
  • Augmented reality to view your 3-D model of your product in real time
  • 3-D Rapid Prototyping
  • Structural Development- creating new and unique packaging designs with quick sampling
  • Acrylic Prototyping
  • Colour Management
  • Proofing
  • Digital printing solutions using metallic ink, anti-counterfeiting measures, invisible ink, fluorescent ink, micro text, and digital watermarks
Customer Loyalty Programs

Trigon contributes to consumer acquisition by motivating consumers to purchase products with experiential offers. We also assist in increasing trials of newly launched products in the market.

Brand Engagements

Trigon delivers brand owners a complete solution for increasing point-of-sale and post-sale customer engagement through highly targeted and personalized content.

Delivering 100% compliance with high quality & efficiency

Let's Work Together

At Trigon Digital, we work with a passion for innovation and brilliant ideas. Our execution
fuses these elements into a delightful customer experience.