Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
Delivering the value chain across design, compliance and print
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For Brand Managers

Integrated value chain from design to print

Brand Guard -Trigon’s integrated design to print services gives brand managers the comfort having one agency that takes overall ownership of producing brand collateral as per guidelines.

Our deep understanding of brand aesthetics combined with our compliance and print skills ensure that your brand is always represented as required.

Our services include
  • Creative design
  • Input Standardisation
  • Finger printing individual printing machines
  • Ink and Substrate standardisation
  • Premedia Services
  • Creating production artwork
  • Online approval
  • Creating mock up to set target
  • Creating the print ready closed file
  • Colour management
  • Onsite approval
  • Artwork & Print Fulfillment
Delivering 100% compliance with high quality & efficiency
Guarding your company’s most valued assets

In the modern, brand driven market, the value of big brands is often more than the total annual revenue that they generate. Naturally preserving its value and reputation from the predatory practices of unscrupulous imitators and duplicators is paramount. Trigon Brand Guard offers fool proof, tried, and tested means to ensure brand compliance while preventing counterfeiting and duplication through unique processes and practices such as QR Codes, application of Holograms, invisible ink, and Variable Data Printing. To read more about our special projects for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting click here 

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